Front Porch Restoration

Front Porch Restoration for a 115 year old home

This front wrap around porch was in desperate need of repairs. The last time it was worked on was the early 70’s. The home is a stately home with a spectacular wrap around porch. The deck was replaced as well as some of the support beams.

Since the deck was being worked on, the city inspectors had the homeowner update the deck to meet current building safety regulations. This included having handrails for the stairs.

This job entailed building 7 new newels as well as recreating the handrail and molding under the handrail as well as the balusters for the hand railing. Since I was turning new balusters, we decided to replace several that had some dry rot within them. The new balusters were made of Sapelle, which is a type of Mahogany. It handles outdoor and extreme weather very well.

The deck of the porch has been finished in these images but the hand railing had not been painted yet.