Wood Slab Coffee Table

Wood Slab Coffee Table

Slab Coffee Table – This coffee table was built for a home on the lakefront in Plymouth, Michigan. The coffee table is 6′ long and 48″ wide and 1 1/2″ thick (It started out as a slap that was 13′ long, 56″ wide and 2 1/2″” thick with a twist along its length).

The slab was cut into a 7′ and a 6′ piece. The 7′ slab was made into the desk (shown elsewhere in this portfolio).  The 6′ piece was made into a coffee table shown here.

The wood was an “Urban Reclaimed” Poplar slab that was air-dried for over 20 years.

The checks in the slab were held together with 1/2″ thick walnut bowtie inserts epoxied into the board once the board was flattened. Cracks were filled with dyed epoxy to create a level and smooth surface.

The legs of the desk were fabricated from sheet steel and were powder coated.