Poplar Slab Desk

Slab Desk¬†– This desk was built for a home on the lakefront in Plymouth, Michigan. The desk is 7′ long and 52″ wide and 1 1/2″ thick (It started out as a slap that was 13′ long, 56″ wide and 2 1/2″” thick with a twist along its length).

The slab was cut into a 7′ and a 6′ piece. The 7′ slab was made into the desk shown here. The 6′ piece was made into a coffee table (shown elsewhere in this portfolio).

The wood was an “Urban Reclaimed” Poplar slab that was air-dried for over 20 years.

The checks in the slab were held together with 1/2″ thick walnut bowtie inserts epoxied into the board once the board was flattened. Cracks were filled with dyed epoxy to create a level and smooth surface.

The images show the process for leveling out the slab, filing in the cracks and inserting the bowties.

The legs of the desk were fabricated from sheet steel and were powder coated.