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This cigar box measures 14″ wide, 9″ high and 8 7/8″ deep. The box is made of Amboyna burl.

A burl is a tree growth in which the grain has grown in a deformed manner. It is commonly found in the form of a rounded outgrowth on a tree trunk or branch that is filled with small knots from dormant buds.

This particular set of amboyna burl veneer used in this box came from Southeast Asia and consisted of 9 sheets of sequentially cut veneer.

Amboyna burl is related to the Narra family of trees and its prices vary depending on the amount and type of figure: unfigured wood is moderately priced, while high-grade Ambyona ranks as one of the most expensive woods in the world. The veneer used in this box was rated as AAAA.

The hardware is made in England and is a polished nickle over solid brass.

The mother of pearl used in the inlay is comprised of three types of mother of pearl, white, gold and black. The mother of pearl comes from the Philippine islands.

The drawers are made of Spanish Cedar. Despite its name, Spanish Cedar is not only a hardwood (and therefore not a Cedar at all), but it is also not Spanish. Spanish Cedar actually comes from the Meliaceae family, along with Mahogany; Spanish Cedar is similar to Genuine Mahogany in its beautiful coloration, attractive grain pattern, and great workability.

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Custom Guitar

This custom 6 string headless, fretless “flying V” shaped base guitar with a through the body neck.

The guitar has two sets of EMC pickups, and a 24k gold plated head and bridge set.

The guitar body is made of Bocote with a Rock Maple laminated neck. The fingerboard of the neck is 3/16″ black Ebony with a mother of pearl inlay. The design is based on an Art Nouveau design. The “Napoleon” inlay name in Art Nouveau letters was the nickname of the guitar player.

Due to the nature of the dense hardwoods of the guitar, the sound was absolutely phenomenal, unfortunately, the dense woods also made for a very heave guitar.

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Jewelry Box 2

***Please note, this chest is made to order.

This extra large jewelry box has plenty of space for all your treasures. Premium Quilted Bigleaf Maple from the Pacific Northwest, all made from one board.

This is a very large piece, solid wood, handmade jewelry chest. Hand cut dovetail case joints, dovetailed solid ash drawers, adjustable hardwood dividers, cotton velvet lining. Hand rubbed finish. It is a premium quality, intelligent solution for a serious jewelry collection.

Solid Ash drawer dividers are adjustable and removable.

This piece can be made from a variety of species/combinations. Contact me for availability.

20″ wide x 11.5″ d. x 13.5″ ht

Four small drawers 1.3/8″ ht

One medium drawer 1.3/4″ ht.

One large drawer 2.1/2″ ht.


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Jewelry Box 1

Heavy, Solid Wood and Large Eye-catching Multipurpose Box. The Top has a 3/4″ thick piece of Padauk for it’s Centerpiece. The Padauk side panels and back panels are 1/2″ thick raised panels. This box is large enough to hold many Treasures or the things you use daily.

It’s a Handcrafted Piece of Art that can serve Many Purposes for Generations.

LOTS of Storage in this Beautiful 14 3/8″ Wide, 9″ Deep, and 9 3/4″ Tall Box. The Frame, Trim, Feet, Box Interior, Removable Interior Box with Sliding Lid, Removable / Adjustable Dividers, and Drawers are made out of Spalted Maple.

The Color of this wood draws immediate attention. It Commands a ‘Place of Honor’ in the Home or Office. The Spacious 11 1/8″ Long, 5 3/8″ Wide, and 3 1/2″ Deep top compartment has a Removable Center Divider. The 2 side sections each Measure 5 3/8″ X 5 3/8″. One side has a Removable Box that is 1 3/4″ tall and a compartment under it that is 1 3/4″. The Drawer has a curved front that is 11 3/8″ Long, 2 5/8″ Wide, and 1 1/2″ Thick at the center thickness.

The drawer sides are 1/2″ thick VERY NICE Spalted Maple. The inside Dimensions are 10 3/8″ X 5 3/4″ X 2″. Two Removable/Adjustable Dividers.

This Box has a Leaf Medallion in the center front and nice Bracket Feet to give it elegance.

This box is finished with 4 coats of hand rubbed Tung oil/varnish topped off with a coat of past wax.

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Large Walnut and Cherry Wood Multipurpose Box

Large Walnut and Cherry Wood Multipurpose Box with 2 Drawers and a Large Top Storage with Lift Out Tray.

Possible Uses over the next 100 years or so: Jewelry Box, Valet Box, Keepsake Box, Secretary Box, Collectors Box …..


It’s a Handcrafted Piece of Art that can serve Many Purposes for Generations.



I sure do love the way this box turned out. I posted a Blog Post on Building this box. It shows most of the steps and lots of pictures of it being built. Here’s the Address. Copy and Paste.

Building a 2 Drawer with Top Storage Cherry and Walnut Wood Box


I posted many more pictures of this box on my Blog. Just Copy and Paste this address:

Large Walnut and Cherry Wood 2 Drawer with Top Storage Box


Walnut and Cherry sure do look good together. They both are strong stable woods that age well. A Beautiful Marriage Then the Walnut I chose to Bookmatch in the Front and Lid really does make this Box Unique. Good luck finding another like it or that can hold as many things or last as long. If you look at my blog post on how it’s built, you know it’ll last forever.

This box could proudly be displayed in any room in the Home or Office.


This Solid Wood Box is 14″ X 9 1/2″ X 11 1/2″.


2 Box Joint Drawers. The Top Drawer is a ‘False Front’. The drawers are made from Maple with a Cherry Drawer Front. The Maple has Tiger Striping in it. They both have a Removable Tray inside that can be slid to either side or used to divide the drawer. The Inside measurement of the drawers is 10 1/8″ X 7″ and 1 1/2″ deep.

Long enough to easily fit a legal size envelope. So it could be used as a Stationary Box.


The Top Section has a removable tray. The inside of the tray measures 4 3/8″ X 5 7/8″ X 3/4″. It can be easily slid to either side or removed. The Top Section measures 10 3/4″ 6 3/8″ X 2″ below the tray or a total of 3 1/4″ of height. It also would easily hold a Legal Size Envelope.

The Walnut Bracket Feet sit under a Cherry Bead Molding.

I used a few coats of Kelly Moore’s Semi-Gloss Precatalyzed Clear Vinyl Lacquer on the outside and inside. I sand lightly with 220 grit between coats for a smooth finish. This is a VERY Long Lasting and Durable Finish!.

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